Sunday, September 30, 2007


Sorry, I've been gone a while. I've been doing some really boring routes and the people were pretty normal. Kind of cuts down on the material there is to write. I've been back on the 18 and now have real STRANGErs to write about!

I had a guy get on with a cane during rush hour. He showed me medicare ID, which is not valid during rush hour. I told him the fare was $2.00 and he said he had to get to 6Th street to go to the bank. I told him I'd just count it as downtown zone fare since he was within the zone limits and that fare is fifty cents (what he had put in already). Then he said he needed a transfer because he had to catch a 6 bus. I told him he'd have to pay the rest of the fare to receive a transfer. Then he said he had to get to St. Paul. (The 6 doesn't go there.) Again, I told him the fare during rush hour was $2, as there is no reduced fares at that time. He insisted he needed a transfer. I messed up and said "First you told me you needed to get to 6Th street to go to the bank, then you said you needed to catch a 6 and now you are saying you need to get to St. Paul. To get a transfer, the fare is $2 during rush hour." He blew up. He said "Are you calling me a liar?? I don't deserve to be treated like this!" I told him I wasn't calling him a liar, that I was simply repeating what he had said to me. He kept ranting about me supposedly calling him a liar and he got off the bus. He got off at 7Th street. I thought that was odd, since he kept saying he wanted 6Th street. Just as the light turned green and I was checking my mirrors to pull off, I saw him coming back to the bus. Hell, no!! He's not going to blow up at me for no reason and then come back to get back on the bus and yell at me for another block. It's not my fault he got off at the wrong stop because he was too busy yelling at me to realize where he was. I took off. Maybe when he walks that block he can cool off and realize HE was in the wrong! I doubt it, but maybe...


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