Sunday, September 02, 2007


I've had this guy get on almost every day for the past two weeks. He always wears a black leather vest. Doesn't seem to matter if it's 90 degrees or if it's cool outside. He wears it every day. I always give him a hard time when he gets on. One day it was pouring rain and as he got out of the bus shelter and got onto the bus, I said " We really don't need that shelter here. I think I'll have them take it out." Then I topped it off with "As a matter of fact, that stop sign just slows me down. Maybe I'll come back tonight and pry that out of the ground. Then when I see trouble waiting to get on the bus I can cruise right by!" He laughed.

He worked late on Wednesday, so he wasn't on my bus. The next day I harassed him and accused him of riding with OTHER drivers. He must have known he was going to get harassed for "standing me up" so he gave me a little bouquet of flowers he picked on the way to the bus.
The last week or so, he's been giving me flowers every day. They are little weed-flowers, but they are pretty and even smell good. One day he actually pulled some small green stalk out of the ground, complete with the roots. He said he has been watching this plant for two years. He said it grows a yellow flower about the size of a dime. I took it home and planted it outside. So far, I haven't killed it.

Friday was the last day on this route for me for a while. Mr. Black Vest got on and gave me a chocolate cake desert with pudding and whipped cream. I think it was called a Black Forrest dessert. Yum! I am a chocoholic, so that was just my thing!

It's always fun to get a passenger that has the same strange sense of humor as I do. It will be strange not to see him around. I'm back giving vacations starting next week so I will have to find a new passenger to hassle!!


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i'ved picked him up .his a hoot

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