Sunday, September 30, 2007


I pulled up to 18Th and Nicollet, heading into downtown. There were about half a dozen people waiting to board. The first lady got on and put in fifty cents and put her hand up to the transfer spot waiting for a transfer. I asked if she was paying a reduced or mobility fare (both require ID). She said "mobility" quite snotty-like and kept her hand at the transfer spot. I told her she needed to show ID. She nodded, but didn't move her hand or attempt to reach for ID. I repeated that she needed ID. Other people in line started fussing, so I made the mistake of popping up her transfer. She grabbed the transfer with a swipe, like that would somehow hurt me.

Miss Limited Mobility walked all the way to the back of the bus and sat down. She still was making no attempt to produce the required ID. The rest of the people got on and my light turned red. I looked at her in the mirror and she just sat there. I told her she needed to show ID and she told me to come back and get it. I told her it didn't work that way, that she needed to bring her ID up and should have had it ready when she boarded. Eventually, she made her way to the front with ID in hand. She put it way too close to my face. I gently pushed her hand back. She said "YOUR drivers maimed me for life and now I have to go through this??!!" I told her "Ma'am, I have done nothing to you but ask for the ID that is required when you pay mobility fare." Then she said the one thing that really pisses me off. "Just drive the bus!" I got mad and said "I don't need you to tell me my job. I'll drive the bus when I have a green light." (I was secretly thanking God for the light being red because I had no better comeback ready.)

I wanted to knock her lights out, but I don't feel like taking anger management classes. I just waited for the green light and continued on my route, being nice to everyone that got on and off just to let her think she didn't bother me. One older lady actually thanked me when she got off. She said I did the right thing, after all, she has to show her ID so why shouldn't the other lady?
Though Miss Mobility seemed to get around just fine, from her comment I'm guessing she's one of those fools that stepped in front of a bus or something.

I have the 18 for the next two weeks. I kind of hope she gets on one day and leaves her ID at home. Hehehehehe.


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