Saturday, December 01, 2007


Seems like this happens every year. Some Einstein feels that because it is cold out he gets free rides. This cracks me up! It's MINNESOTA in the WINTER!!

I was driving the 18 during the morning rush hour. I pulled up to Franklin Avenue headed into downtown with a bunch of people, most of them going to work. This fool flags my bus down and then comes up and tells me he needs a "favor". It was cold out and he needed a ride. I told him the fare was $2. He again told me it was cold out. Duh...that's why I wanted to close the door and get the PAYING customers on their way. He went on about how cold it was outside and that is why he should get a free ride. I told him everyone on the bus paid their $2 and it would be unfair for me to let him ride free. I told him that this was Minnesota and if we gave free rides when it was cold out, everyone would ride free for 4-5 months out of the year. Some people on the bus got a chuckle out of that.

I am not heartless,even though I knew this particular guy as one of the regular fare scammers. He was just using the weather as his excuse this time. I offered to call the Transit Police and they may be able to get him to a shelter or something. He dashed out the door.

On a later trip, some other guy tried the same thing. He got on insisting I HAD to give him a ride because it was a state law. I told him that, actually, the law states it is illegal to ride without paying your fare. I tried to tell him how ridiculous that was to think the fares were in some way regulated by the weather. I did tell him that I offer to provide the Transit Police or call an ambulance if someone feels they need one.

As usual, that shut him up. Logic... it's a scary thing for some people!


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