Sunday, February 17, 2008

Route 2

As I explained to my sister, the 2 route has crackheads on one side of the route and college students on the other. It makes for an interesting day.

On the crackhead side, there are also more than a few drunks. They ride down Franklin Avenue to this one liquor store. I had two guys get on that were so drunk they could barely stand up. They paid with their transfers and settled in about mid-bus for the short ride to the liquor store. The one guy said to the other "I don't think they'll serve me. I'll just wait for you at the bus stop. Get a gallon and a case of beer." A GALLON??!!?? I just laughed to myself and let them off at their stop.

I was kind of bumming on my way back around. I had noticed, as I did every return trip, the depressing view over the Washington Avenue bridge. On the shore is the twisted metal that once supported the 35W bridge. As you probably know, the bridge collapsed last August and killed some people (13 I think) and severely injured many others. It was a mini 9/11 for all of us here in Minneapolis. Not a happy day. It makes your heart sink to see the twisted metal down there like an impossible jigsaw puzzle that can never be put together again. It is a painful reminder of a very sad day.

My spirits lifted a while later as I pulled up to the bus stop and the drunks were there. I was surprised to see neither was carrying a case of beer or a not-so-discreet brown bottle bag. I figured that neither of them was served. I was quite shocked, as this store is known for serving anyone that can stagger to their counter.

They boarded the bus and seemed stangely happy. Most drunks get pretty grumpy if you don't give them their booze. They walked all the way to the back of the bus and then I knew what was up. Sure enough, a couple blocks later, one of the guys pulls a big bottle of Vodka out of his jacket and starts to open it. I got on the microphone and said "Put that bottle away or you'll be off this bus in a heartbeat!" He looked shocked and quickly put the bottle back in his jacket. A couple of the other passengers laughed quietly. I heard one say to the guy sitting next to him "She's ON IT!"

It's always good to let your passengers know you DO know what is going on on the bus!


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