Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I was driving out of the Veterans Home one day last week. I met a suicidal squirrel.

I was just coming out to the 4-way stop and a squirrel fell out of the sky and landed a few feet in front of my bus. Okay, he probably fell from the overhanging tree. Anyway, He landed on all fours just like a cat. He looked me right in the eye. It was weird! I was only going about 10-12 miles per hour. He just sat there. I decided to just drive over him slowly and figured he could run out from mid bus if he wanted to. I passed over him, looking in my mirrors expecting to see him run out from under the bus.

I was a little surprised when I heard the "crunch". It sent shivers up my spine. How gross was THAT!!! The squirrel obviously wasn't thinking the same way I was. He had plenty of time and room to run out from under the bus. Seems he didn't want to. He must have known the next few days were going to be like 40 degrees below zero wind chills. He didn't wanna deal with it! Suicide by bus. That sucks.

What was worse was that I had to go back to the Vets Home again. I saw the lil' guy...way more than I wanted to see. I was glad when it snowed and the plows came and got rid of the evidence!!


Blogger John Charles Wilson said...

There's an abandoned industrial building near my home where no one maintained the sidewalk. A dead squirrel lay there for about a year. Yuck! Now that HCMC bought the land and plans to build a clinic they have someone shovel the walk. Thank Laura that nasty squirrel's gone!

9:47 PM  
Blogger Reuben said...

I did the same thing to a full-grown duck a few years ago. I felt bad... but not THAT bad...

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was on a 4 in MPLS. going to eden & link, There was a possom that came out between two cars, I couldn,t stop in time, I hit it & knew it! feeling bad. on my way back, I saw it. A tire track right through the center of him, the little face and the tail still it,s same size, the tire track... FLAT! I was almost in tears!

4:58 PM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

John - Gross! Who's Laura?

Reuben - You felt BAD! That's why u remember it 3 years later! :) Welcome! U look like a new face here...unless u were anonymous before. Either way, thanks for your comment. Enjoy the blogs!

Anon - If u are who I think u are..I put the fliers up at Nic,Heywood and Ruter. I plan to drop them off at East Metro and South later today. Hope to get some stories!! So far, the response has been quite underwhelming. Pass the word...and twist some arms if u have to!! Thanks.

Those possums can be kinda big. I'm sure you DID know u hit it!! It is really gross. Even worse when u have to keep driving past it all day/week!

Thanks for your comments!

9:55 AM  

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