Friday, October 16, 2009


I had a ball competing in this years Roadeo! There were just over one hundred bus drivers competing this year. I placed 16th. Bummer. The worst part is that I was told if I had driven the course faster I could have been FIRST PLACE!!! I'm traumatized. I could have unseated the guy that wins every single year for forever! I could have competed in the NATIONAL competition! I knew I was going through the course slow, but I was trying my best to master each obstacle. You lose one point for every second over the 7 minute limit. I did it in 8 minutes and 8 seconds, so I lost 68 points!! That sucks. Now I have to wait a whole year to try and put together the accuracy and the time.

Wish me luck!


Was having a rare boring moment driving the bus the other day. I was sitting at a red light when I noticed the car in front of me had a bumper sticker. It made me laugh so thought I'd share.

"Jesus loves you, but I'm his favorite."

Had to call my mom and tell her that one! Actually, I think she's his favorite!


I was driving the route 2 recently. As I pulled up to the bus stop on the little triangle island where cedar, minnehaha and franklin meet I noticed 4 drunk guys. Just my luck, I hit a red light. The biggest of the drunks approached my bus. I opened the door and he said "We need a ride. It's cold out." I wanted to say "Yeah, right! You have enough antifreeze in your system to get you through the winter!" However, I chose the professional approach and I told them the fare was $1.75 each. He said they were only going to 14th avenue. I told him everyone paid a fare and they would have to pay too. He got mad and I closed the door. I watched his buddy wobble as I waited for the light to change.

The guys started crossing the street against the big surprise. Then I notice the big guy throw his arms wildly in the air and start yelling and running. On the other side of the street I noticed a young lady with a backpack looking terrified and running away from him. My light changed so I hurried across the intersection and pulled up just in front of her. I opened the door and she jumped on. Her eyes were wide and she looked more than scared. You could practically hear her heart beating through her coat. She thanked me repeatedly as she dug for a fare. I told her she didn't need to pay. I just wanted to get her out of that situation she was in. She said she'd be glad to pay, she had a bus pass. She thanked me again for stopping for her.

I don't know what those guys had in mind, but I'm glad the poor girl didn't have to find out. What losers.

The girl rode all the way to Nicollet and thanked me again before she got off the bus. I told her I was just glad she was safe. Other passengers seemed impressed that I would stop too. What would you do? I couldn't just drive by. If that had been me out there or someone I care about, I would hope someone would stop to help!

I must confess, I did try and use this situation to get an extra day off to extend an upcoming vacation. I told the dispatcher the story and told him I was supposed to get the hero award. This award included getting Thursday off. (There were already 2 drivers on the waiting hope for me!) Knowing me, the dispatcher played along. He congratulated me and told me I got a Thursday off...not the one I wanted but one of his choosing. He'd let me know when it came up. Darn! I tried!
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