Sunday, April 05, 2009


Anyone that knows me knows that April Fools Day is a day that was made for me. I like to mess with people. I decided to play a joke at work...try and brighten someones day.

I pulled in at 3 AM on April first after a very long 12 hour split day. I asked the dispatcher for paperwork to write up an accident. I told him I'd need an extra sheet to explain in detail what happened. I sat down, laughed to myself and filled out the form.

Name: Anonymous
Date of birth: Yes
Sex Male or Female: ?
Date hired: What?
Drivers license number: I don't have one
Number of passengers on bus: A bunch
Number of people in other vehicle: Didn't look
Damage to bus: Lots - I left quickly though, so I hope no one saw me!
Damage to other vehicle: Even more! I peeled outta there!
Control center called yes or no: Heck no!
Supervisor at scene: No way!
Police at scene: I hope not!
Injured persons: Didn't stick around to get names. Are you kidding me?!

Description of accident: I was at a stoplight. I knew it was gonna be a long one, so I figured it was a safe time to hit my crack pipe. The pipe got really hot and burned my fingers so I dropped it on the floor. When I reached to pick it up, I spilled the cold beer that was in my lap onto the floor. When I reached for the can, I accidentally floored the gas and flew through the intersection and hit two cars and a fire truck. Being a little paranoid about getting caught, I put my "Drop off only" sign on and turned off the passenger signal and got out of the area as quickly as possible. Of course, I didn't collect any courtesy cards or call Control or anything.
By the way, can I get Workers Comp for my burned fingers? I can't seem to grip the steering wheel very well due to the blisters.
Enjoy your April Fools Day! :)

Signed: Bus driver
Date: Sometimes
Address: Under the 35W bridge at Lake Street

I turned it in. Later I found out the safety guy thought it was hilarious. He sent a copy to our Risk Management department and asked them how this one should be classified. They thought that was pretty funny, too. Seems it made some rounds in emails. My fellow drivers have been requesting copies of the report from me. I'm glad I could brighten so many peoples day! April Fools Day should be once a month!

Life is short....enjoy it!


Blogger Madrias said...

Oh, that's good! Sounds just like something I'd do. Us pranksters need a day every month to pull stuff like this.

Me, I turned all the staples over in every stapler I found.

3:32 PM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

Web - Thanks for the idea. I'm sure to use it at some point! That's a good one. I remember putting salt in the sugar bowl when I was a kid. Mom didn't think it was too funny when everyone was throwing their cereal out! Oops...sorry, momma!

3:30 PM  
Blogger Madrias said...

I've done the salting the sugar bowl. Don't just put salt in there. Add salt to the sugar.

The staple trick works great, too. I know a friend who's mother works in an office and used that also. Very effective, and can be done on all staplers, but is more effective if one is using the staplers where there's no inner-ridge to guide the staples.

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Bostonred said...

Happy Birthday,Jean !

Did you sign the report with usual X ?

7:28 PM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

Web - That's what I did, actually. Just added salt into the sugar. It it harder to see that way. Hehehe.

Boston - Thanks, but it's not my birthday. I'll be getting older soon enough! Don't rush it! Actually, I signed it "Bus driver" and for the address I put "Under the 35W bridge at Lake street"

Thanks for your comments! Keep enjoying the blog!

2:05 PM  

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