Sunday, March 22, 2009


I had just pulled out from the garage and gotten on the highway to drive to the U of M to start my 6 route. As I merged onto the highway, the metal flap just under the drivers side window flew wide open and flapped up and down in the breeze. I immediately threw on my hazard lights and drove as far right in my lane as I could, trying to make it to the bus stop over Lake street. People were honking at me and pointing at the metal flapping up and down. I pulled into the bus stop and got out to see if I could fix it. I realized I needed to get the door handle to secure the flap. The door handle is also a tool for use on other parts of the bus.

I got back on the bus and tried to pull the handle out. It wouldn't budge. I called Control as I continued to try and remove the handle. They called me back and I explained my situation. They said they'd send a service truck. As I waited for the truck, I decided to try and push the handle one notch forward and open the door and try to get it out. After a little pulling, it worked. I went back out and secured the flap. Feeling pretty proud of myself, not really being a fix-it kind of girl, I called Control back. As I was waiting for them to respond, the service truck pulled up. I told the guy I had been able to fix it and was just waiting for Control to call me back. I was about 15-20 minutes behind at this point and had to see what they wanted me to do. I didn't want to be on the highway when they called. They frown on us being on the phone when driving. Actually, we can be written up for it. It is a very understandable safety issue.

They filled part of my first trip and I drove to MCTC (the school on Hennepin) to start my trip. That was the start of a strange day. The next two stories tell of what happened later that day.


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