Sunday, April 05, 2009


I was driving the 11 and this kid about 17-18 years old got on. He had white three-quarter length pants on, sagging off his butt. A knit hat all crooked and barely sitting on his head. By far the funniest part of his wardrobe were the fuzzy black slip-on slippers he had on his feet. I tried not to laugh as he got on waving a dollar. He gave his best fake smile, tried to look cute and said "All I have is a dollar." I put my hand to block the bill feeder on the farebox and informed him the fare was $1.75. He asked if anyone had any change. Everyone on the bus ignored him. Finally, the little liar finally reached into his pocket...somewhere about mid-calf area...and pulled out another dollar. He mumbled about how the bus was taking all his money and went to sit down. He had his headset on so loud I could "name that tune" if I had brushed up on my gangsta rap crap. He sat there throwing gang signs to himself and anyone else that bothered to pay any attention to him. That got him absolutely no response, so he decided to sing along with his tunes.

After hearing a string of profanities longer than any of us on the bus cared to, I got on the mic and loudly told him that profanity is not allowed on the bus. He said "I'm just singing along with my music." I told him I didn't care what he listened to, but he wasn't going to use that language on the bus. His response "My bad." He kept bopping his head and tossing signs, seeming a little annoyed that no one seemed to care.

As he got off the bus downtown, he cussed up a storm and glared at me as he went out the back door. I laughed out loud. Some of the other passengers looked at me like "be careful!" I said "It's kind of hard to be a tough guy when you're walking around in fuzzy slippers!" They all laughed.


Blogger Madrias said...


You get 'em, Bus driver! Agreed that it's hard to be tough when you look like a fool in your fuzzy slippers.

Also against profanity. I think the worst I've done is dropped an F-Bomb when mad. Never done it otherwise.

As far as I go: I rode a bus my first time 4 days ago! Wasn't too bad. Fare was fair. Quite enjoyable, except the fact that someone behind me couldn't control her kid and he stuck gum in my hair!

3:36 PM  
Blogger Madrias said...

Oh, and, Jeanne, I'm not in the same area as you. I believe Illinois is a lot further away than you're at.

Though you're right. Riding a bus can be interesting. The driver had to pull over to kick off a mother and 4 children who started throwing, of all things, cupcakes at one another and one hit the rear window.

Why is it people cannot seem to get it in their heads that the bus is public transportation? Cupcakes, in my opinion, as with food and drink, should be left sealed and not seen on the bus.

6:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The kids who walk around throwing gang signs at random just make me want to say "Dude, you're trying too hard."

They think they're scary, but they look like little kids trying to get the grown ups respect, which is exactly what they are.

8:46 AM  
Blogger Jeanne Ree said...

Web and Anon - Yep...the last thing that fuzzy slippers brings to my mind is fear!! The signs aren't too impressive either.

I do wish people wouldn't eat on the bus...especially when you can see exactly what they had. If they didn't leave a mess and took their garbage with them, I wouldn't mind. There are so many other things going on though, that it is not something I enforce too often.

Thanks for your comments!

3:28 PM  

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