Sunday, July 19, 2009


I was driving the 12 route Friday and got a couple regulars. The mother is a deaf mute who rides a scooter. She has an adorable little girl who is about 2 and a half years old. She often rides on her moms lap. Initially, I thought this was her grandchild, but was corrected by other riders who seem to know her. They told me it is actually her daughter.

Anyway, I put the lift down to pick up the pair. The little girl was just adorable. She was dressed in a pink "Hello Kitty" outfit. She had a matching pacifier in her mouth. I was tempted to yank the pacifier away to save the mother from future HUGE dental bills...and because the kid is a little old for a pacifier...but I restrained myself.

The little girl insisted on helping by putting the monthly pass into the farebox. She pulled it out of its little envelope and waved it around. She mumbled something that was totally not understandable. Partially due to her age and partially due to the stupid pacifier. Meanwhile, the mother left the child up by the farebox to pay the fare as she went to park in the handicapped seating area so I could strap her in. I was stowing the lift, which takes both hands. The little girl was too fast for me. She slipped the monthly pass into the dollar bill intake! I tried to reach up and catch it before it went in, but I was too late.

I turned and looked at her mother and she could tell what happened by the look on my face. I felt really bad. I realize it wasn't my job to babysit, but I still felt bad. I popped her out a 24 hour transfer, gave her a few free ride passes and had her fill out a card to put into the farebox that would provide the information to get her card mailed back to her. Of course, I called Control to inform them of the situation and let them know I had given out the day pass and free rides so I wouldn't get in trouble later. The lady seemed okay with the situation and how I handled it. I think she realized that she should have helped her child pay the fare and not left her alone to do it.

I did have two people say something to me as they got off the bus downtown. Both liked the way I handled the situation and thought I did a good job. That made me feel a little better. If either of you are reading this...thanks. It's always great to get support.

Lesson for the day...If your toddler wants to help you pay the fare, guide them through the process!!


Heard something pretty strange and hilarious from the other drivers recently. Thought I'd share. Please keep in mind, bus drivers are just people, too. There are about 1450 bus drivers in our bunch and any time you get a group that size, there are bound to be a couple oddballs.

Recently, a driver got fired. Seems he was continuously running 20-30 minutes late. A supervisor decided to try and find out what the problem was and went to a layover spot where the driver was, again, running very late. The bus was there, but there was no sign of the driver. The supervisor went to check the bathroom and opened the door only to find the driver getting a little lovin' on his layover from a hooker!

Upon reviewing the video from the bus, seems this driver also enjoyed pleasuring himself...on the bus!!

Note to other drivers....when the bus is turned off...the cameras stay ON!! Don't do anything you wouldn't do in front of your boss!!

How freakin' EMBARRASSING!!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


CONGRATULATIONS to Jennifer. She found me on my 46 route yesterday over on the St. Paul side. She knew the winning phrase and walked away with a really cool bright yellow messenger bag, the new and graphically improved beer stein mug, a bumper sticker and pin.

Thanks to all that played along. Thought you'd find me sooner! Especially with the recent giveaway clue!! Someone commented that I could be on the 11 and they were right. I was on it all week!

Anyway, I've been found. I'm sure I'll do the contest again, just not sure when. I don't want it to be like an ongoing thing...more like a once-in-a-while thing. It makes it more fun.

Gotta run...there are strangers on street corners just waiting for me to pick them up!
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