Thursday, August 21, 2014


I was driving the bus into downtown St. Paul the other day when a very loud helicopter flew over my head. I was very close to a hospital and assumed it was a medical helicopter so I didn't think much about it. Then I heard another one. That got my attention. It was super loud. It flew over my bus and shocked me... it was a Black Hawk military helicopter! It flew really low and swerved between a couple tall buildings. 

I got to my layover and stood outside watching as a bunch of these huge, loud Black Hawks full of  fully armed military personnel flew between buildings and hovered over the intersections. People gathered and we all took pictures and speculated on what was going on. It was only then that I realized how hilariously stupid some people are.

One lady was panic stricken as she said " Those are Russian Military helicopters!!!" Yeah. Sure. They  snuck over here and got into the middle of the downtown of a major metropolitan area totally undetected. Because...???? 

Some other people seemed to be growing concerned. I have to admit, it was a scary sight. To think of WHY they were doing this and the mental visions that pop up if they were to be really needed here. Scary stuff. I told them it was obviously some training maneuvers. No shots fired. No bombers in sight. No loud speaker announcements. There were a couple other rational people there that agreed with me so, me being me, I decided to mess with them. I said "It's obvious. Looks like Minneapolis and St. Paul are going to war and Minneapolis is about to win." 

I thought that was pretty funny, then this other guy showed up. I think he is the guy that the makers of the movie Dumb and Dumber based their movie on. Could actually be the star of the sequel... Dumbest. He said....sit down for this one...wait. Stand up so you can fall down laughing. He stood there with a serious matter-of-fact look on his face and said "They are checking for carbon monoxide." Luckily, before I busted out laughing, I noticed he was SERIOUS! I said "Really? Where did you hear that?" He said, "My friend is in the Army and he told me they were going to be doing this." Holding back my laughter (NOT an easy task for me!) I asked him "So what are they going to do if they find some?"  "They will rope off a big area." I had to stop. I was going to ask him if they would bring in big fans. I decided this guy was missing some marbles so I'd leave him alone. I just said "Oh. Wow" and walked away.

REALLY???????????? This guy actually believed they had numerous Black Hawk helicopters filled with Black Ops with guns and check for carbon monoxide????? What? Centerpoint Energy was busy? I laughed for two days.
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