Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I'm really getting sick of the 2 route lately. Too many people with issues on the crackhead side of the route. I've had countless issues with fare evaders, drunks and crackheads since this pick started in may. The college side is a welcome relief!

I call the stretch between Nicollet and the Light Rail Station "The Gauntlet". This is where most of the problems are. I suggested to my manager that I just put a "Not Your Bus" sign on the front of my bus and run the gauntlet as fast as I can. He didn't see it my way. Maybe if I had done that, I'd have missed out on my front row seat of THIS playing out....

I was running a little early when I got to the time checkpoint at Chicago and Franklin. I pulled into the bus stop, where people got on/off the bus. I was sitting there waiting out my time until I was back on schedule when chaos erupted.

Some idiot stood about 60-ish feet in front of my bus near the sidewalk and started SHOOTING!! He was shooting across 4 lanes of traffic into the park across the street. It was a warm, beautiful day so the park was packed with kids, families and guys playing basketball. It looked like he was shooting at the guys on the basketball court.

I heard about 5 shots and caught myself staring at the shooter in disbelief. It seemed his gun jammed or something and I saw him pull back the top part of the gun and a flash of metal caught my eye. Just then the guy looked right toward my bus. My heart skipped a couple beats and then the guy ran away.

Of course, I called the Control Center. I couldn't tell if anyone had been hit, but knew it was a miracle if no one was. There was really nothing else I could do, but I told the Control Center to make sure the police got the video from my bus. There is a    digital camera out the front window and it was broad daylight when this happened.

I continued my route. After a short layover, I headed back in the other direction. When I got to the area of the shooting, I noticed there were police all over and crime scene tape circled the area the shooter was standing. There was this amazingly HOT looking cop walking in my direction. I pulled over and flagged him over to my bus. (Hey, he was F-I-N-E!!!) I told him what I saw, he asked me a few questions, got my information and just before I left I told him to make sure he got the video from my bus. His whole face lit up. He said "You have it on video?" I told him about the camera out the front window and how close the guy was. It being broad daylight with a digital camera, the guy might as well have had his name on his forehead.

Luckily, only one guy was hit and he was only grazed across the chest. He didn't even go to the hospital. That is a true miracle. There were tons of people in that park, not to mention all the cars in the 4 lanes between the idiot shooting and the park.

Just another day on the 2 route. I can't wait 'til we pick new work!!!
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