Monday, July 30, 2012


I had a stinky, drooling drunk guy get on my bus the other day. He was a gross slob. He sat in the seat right behind me and started talking to himself. He was quite loud. I ignored him up until the point he started cussing every other word. I turned around and asked him nicely to watch his language. I also pointed out that there was a small child on the bus and that the nasty language would not be tolerated in front of the kid.

To my surprise, he stopped cussing. A little later, he came up to get off the bus. He said "You don't like me much, do you?" I said "It's not that. I just don't like people using that kind of language in front of other peoples' small children." He stopped on the stairs and slurred "I cuss in front of God, I cuss in front of everybody. I cuss whenever I feel like it!" Trying to encourage him off the steps before another F-bomb flew in front of the kid I said "Well, you have a good night. Take care of yourself. Buh bye."

The slob got off the bus and started walking away. I knew he was pretty loaded, so I made sure he was nowhere near the bus before I pulled away and started turning the corner. Suddenly, I heard him yelling like he wanted the bus. Yeah, right. I didn't want that foul mouthed drooler back on so I continued rounding the corner and drove away.

I got about a mile away and was noticing there were only a few people left on the bus. Then it hit me... uh oh! The bike on the front rack was the drunk guys bike! THAT'S what he was yelling about! Oopsie doodle!

Call it karma...I guess that's what you get for cussing in front of GOD!!
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